Mix and Localize: Localizing Sound Sources in Mixtures

Xixi Hu*
Ziyang Chen*
Andrew Owens

U. Michigan         UT Austin

CVPR 2022



We present a method for simultaneously localizing multiple sound sources within a visual scene. This task requires a model to both group a sound mixture into individual sources, and to associate them with a visual signal. Our method jointly solves both tasks at once, using a formulation inspired by the contrastive random walk of Jabri et al. We create a graph in which images and separated sounds correspond to nodes, and train a random walker to transition between nodes from different modalities with high return probability. The transition probabilities for this walk are determined by an audio-visual similarity metric that is learned by our model. We show through experiments with musical instruments and human speech that our model can successfully localize multiple sounds, outperforming other self-supervised methods.


Paper and Supplementary Material

Xixi Hu*, Ziyang Chen*, Andrew Owens.
Mix and Localize: Localizing Sound Sources in Mixtures.
CVPR 2022.



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